Your Revolutionary New Alternative to SIP Panel Kits and Traditional Framing. EZ SIPS Frames & Super-Insulates in 1 Step!

Combine the Best of SIPs and Traditional Framing in Your Build.

EZ SIPS are wall sized blocks / panels of EPS_routed out to be built into standard framing. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits you can expect to receive when you choose EZ SIPS Site-Built Structural Insulated Panels:

Energy-Saving Benefits

EZ SIPS are made with high quality, energy efficient EPS insulation material. EPShas 2X the tested thermal-efficiency of Fiberglass™, used in the most sought after Green building systems on the market. However, EZ SIPS typically uses EPS that is 18% thicker than the EPS found in SIPs. This means the finished wall will have 18% more insulating power! Conclusion: EZ SIPS’s Energy-saving benefits surpass the energy saving benefits of traditional insulation and SIP Kits.

Money-Saving Benefits

In spite of the incredible durability and increased thickness of EZ SIPS, the price is typically 50% lower than most SIPs on the market. You can expect to spend half as much to insulate a wall when you choose convenient EZ SIPS. EZ SIPS Frame and Super-Insulate at the same time for substantial labor savings during construction. Also the EPS insulation in your EZ SIPS walls will save you up 50% on heating and air conditioning costs for the life of the structure. EPS is highly resistant to mould and mildew. Conclusion: EZ SIPS is more measurably more cost-effective than traditional insulation or SIP kits.

Time-Saving Benefits

Perhaps one of the most impressive benefits of all, is the one you can expect to receive on the job when using EZ SIPS. Simply put, our EPS wall building system offers a complete transformation to your standard framing process. Under normal wall-building circumstances, builders have to mark the placement of wall studs, frame and sheath the wood wall. Later the fiberglass batts are added. With EZ SIPS that’s not necessary! EZ SIPS comes precut with 1.5 inch wall slots. These slots are located at 16 inch intervals, and the edges are half-lapped so EZ SIPS panels can be banked to build longer wall sections. When framing, you can slide the EZ SIPS panels over already framed walls before sheathing, OR use the rigid EPS insulation to act as a framework guide or template. EZ SIPS is ICF for Framers. There’s no need to measure!

Each EPS form sheet is perfectly sized at four feet in width and in wall-height increments. You won’t have to cut or unravel bolts of itchy insulation. Simply build the insulation into the wall using EZ SIPS and you’ve added Green insulation at an incredibly affordable price! Additionally, EZ SIPS features removable open access interior surface channels for wiring, plumbing installation, and wall bracing. The channels are 2½” behind the drywall face for standard junction boxes so you’ll never have to tear out insulation to access wires and pipes again!

These time-saving benefits, alone will make the product worthwhile for your project, but you also Green-Up with superior long-term energy efficiency and impressive affordability. EZ SIPS is your all-in-one solution to creating efficient and long-lasting insulated walls. For more information about EZ SIPS, contact us today!

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