Our fans love us… and you will, too!

Green, inexpensive, a SNAP to install, and superior THERMAL PROTECTION! It’s EZ to love EZ SIPS. Here’s what people are saying about EZ SIPS insulated panels:

“The first time I saw EZ SIPS in action, it just made sense. It’s a jig for wall building, the closed cell foam construction prevents convection, it’s light and sturdy, and there are breakout channels for my electrician and for bracing. Not to mention price. A no-brainer!”

~ Carl Michener, homeowner

“It’s about time an insulation product like this was invented! As a general contractor, I now use it on all my projects. It makes for faster and easier construction, delivers superior insulation and it’s FAR easier to run wiring and plumbing!”

~ John Hamilton, Contractor