Green-up your build: super-insulate as you frame!

EZ SIPS is a REVOLUTIONARY new way to SUPER-INSULATE traditional stick-framed homes. It’s green, it’s cost-effective, and it’s super simple to use. Just stick frame and tilt-up like you’ve always done, but super-insulate at the same time in just ONE EZ step!

EZ SIPS are 4-foot wide PATENT PENDING EPS panels. They have precisely routered channels for studs and top/ bottom plates, and come in two thicknesses:

  • 6¾” for 2×6” walls
  • 5” for 2×4” walls

Here’s how they work:

  1. Ease EZ SIPS panels down onto the exterior of a stick-framed wall.
  2. Sheet your wall.
  3. Stand your wall for INSTANT R-24 insulation!
  4. Pull out the pre-cut foam on the open interior face of the wall for bracing, electrical and plumbing.

You’re done. It’s that EZ!

Like ICF for wood
You can use EZ SIPS as a form to build your walls!

EZ SIPS are 100% square and routered toa 1/16” tolerance. Just like Insulating Concrete Forms(ICF) are for concrete, EZ SIPS is for wood framed walls: it’s a WALL-BUILDING JIG and leave-in-place GREEN INSULATION, rolled into one!

Think of it: your insulation acts as a die or template for wall building. Bank as many EZ SIPS panels together as you need, slip in studs and then nail’em to the top and bottom plates. When you’ve banged the wall together, simply sheet it and stand it! It’s no wonder that EZ SIPS is changing the way homes are built.

EZ SIPS have precisely cut recesses for plates and studs on 16” centers and come in 8’, 9’, 10’ or custom heights. Like ICF, EZ SIPS panels form a 1¾” THERMAL BREAK between your framing and exterior cladding.

EZ SIPS 2×6 panels are a full 6¾” thick—23% MORE INSULATION POWER than standard prefab Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) homes at HALF THE PRICE!

Compare Compare EZ SIPS with other insulation methods.

EZ as 1, 2, 3!

Ultra-low cost. Green. EZ to install. Locally sourced. Why wouldn’t you choose EZ SIPS??

Here’s the entire process, end-to-end:

Person speak by phone

Step 1 – Order EZ SIPS panels

Order the 4-foot wide panels you need for 2×6” or 2×4” walls in 8, 9, 10-foot or custom heights. Thanks to our North America-wide network of EPS manufacturers, they’re made to order close to you and shipped direct, further greening your build and reducing transport costs.

Because EZ SIPS are made from solid, rigid EPS, they’re also TOUGH, SUPER-LIGHT and EZ TO HANDLE. Don’t forget to order 1¾” thick foam EZ SHEETS to insulate headers, trimmers, king studs and other solid wood for a continuous thermal break. EZ SIPS make for a super tight building envelope!

The builder holds a hammer

Step 2 – Install EZ SIPS

Since EZ SIPS are precisely routered to fit between the studs and top and bottom plates, they slip right onto a standard stud wall. Simply sheet over top and stand your wall. EZ SIPS are a full 6¾” thick, creating a 1¾” THERMAL BREAK separating framing from exterior sheathing.

If you need to cut out a window, simply run a chalk line. Cut the panels with a circular saw, handsaw or hot knife, then use handy 1 ¾”EZ SHEETS to cover headers, king studs and any other solid wood. EZ SIPS are EZ!

Worker with screwdriver

Step 3 – Run wiring and plumbing

TRADES LOVE EZ SIPS! That’s because they make installing wiring, plumbing and bracing a SNAP! You’ll find 2” wide BREAKAWAY CHANNELS running up both sides of each stud,two 3” horizontal channels across the panel at 14” receptacle height, and another twoat 48” switch height. They’re just deep enough to accommodate standard junction boxes.

WHAT DO TRADES DO? Just snap off the pre-cut Solid rigid EPS channels BY HAND as needed for wiring, plumbing and bracing. Replace the foam, using a shot of spray foam as an adhesive, AND YOU’RE DONE! You’ve just incorporated SUPER-EFFICIENT EPS insulation into your walls!

Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us for more information or to place your order today!

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