EZ SIPS Frequently Asked Questions

When you see EZ SIPS in action, the questions kind of take care of themselves. But just to make sure everything is crystal clear, we’ve answered the questions that we hear the most:

Do EZ SIPS go between studs? What are their dimensions?
EZ SIPS panels are 4 feet wide. They have recesses precisely routered out for studs on 16” centers and for top and bottom plates. They slide DOWN INTO your walls, forming a 1 ¾” flange between wall framing and exterior sheathing. EZ SIPS come in 8’, 9’, 10-foot and custom heights, widths and stud spacing. They also come in two thicknesses: 6¾” for 2×6” walls and 5” for 2×4 walls.

How EZ are EZ SIPS for sub-trades to deal with?
Installing electrical and plumbing is a breeze. Trades **LOVE** EZ SIPS! Studs and plates fit into precisely routered recesses. The inside of the wall shows studs and plates protruding ½” from the EPS foam, allowing room for corner drywall backing. Along both sides of each stud, there is a cut in the foam. Pull out these 2” foam channels BY HAND, and you have a recess for wiring, plumbing and bracing. There are also two 3” horizontal cuts at 14” receptacle height and two at 48” switch height. Pull out these foam channels and you have room for junction boxes. Replace foam blocks with a squirt of canned spray foam and you’re done.EZ!

Are EZ SIPS ‘green’?
EZ SIPS are a green building product in several ways:

  1. EPS SIPS SUPER-INSULATE to R-28+, greatly reducing the amount of heating and cooling required. That saves on energy costs and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

    We say ‘R-28+’ for a reason: Because EZ SIPS’ closed-cell foam doesn’t permit air or moisture transfer, R-VALUE CLIMBS as the temperature differential increases. So EZ SIPS’ rating of R-28 at 75F (24C) increases to R-33 at 9F (-13C)!

  2. EZ SIPS are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a NON-TOXIC and inert material. EPS contains no CFCs or HCFCs at any point in its life cycle. It has a closed-cell structure and has no nutritional value, so microorganisms cannot grow within it.
  3. EPS can be recycled directly into new building products or incinerated to produce heat or electricity.
  4. Thanks to our North America-wide network of EPS manufacturers, EZ SIPS are manufactured close to your build. They’re shipped direct, incurring less fuel consumption and transport costs.

Do EZ SIPS have any structural benefits?
Rigid EPS EZ SIPS brace each stud, adding tremendous racking and shear strength to your wall. EZ SIPS are certified to 2x STANDARD WALL STRENGTH. See racking & shear test results

Are EZ SIPS fire-rated?
EZ SIPS pass all North American fire safety codes. They are normally covered with drywall, and if involved in a house fire, produce fumes that are less toxic than those of burning wood.

Where can I get EZ SIPS?
EZ SIPS are manufactured close to your location and shipped direct to you. We’ll send you the exact number of panels that you need, and the 1¾” thick EZ SHEETS required for headers, etc. Thanks to our North America-wide network of EPS manufacturers, EZ SIPS are always built to order, ready in days.

Are EZ SIPS available in Canada?
Yes. Our North America-wide EPS manufacturer network extends into Eastern, Central and Western Canada. There’s no cross-border shipping, no customs, no duty, and no hassle. EZ!