Builders and Framers Are Choosing EZ SIPS Over Structural Insulated Panel Homes

Don’t spend more on Structural Insulated Panel homes. If you’re looking for value—that’s superior insulation as well as convenience and speed—EZ SIPS is a REVOLUTIONARY way to insulate and build. Quickly and effortlessly build a bombproof, pre-insulated wall…without changing the way you build!

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are four-foot wide panels that integrate into a regular 2×6” stud wall while you build it. With routered channels for studs and top / bottom plates, EZ SIPS have an insulating impact superior to the higher-end structural insulated panels (SIPS) that many builders are currently using. The main difference is that EZ SIPS are are ½ THE COST of SIPS!

Each EZ SIPS panel features a 6¾” thick block of EPS with a 1¾” thick thermal break. These two elements combined offer up to 23% more insulation power than standard Structural Insulated Panel homes. If you’re looking for a product that will increase the eco-friendliness AND SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER THE COST of your construction project, EZ SIPS is a natural choice.

EZ SIPS are EZ in more ways than one. They double as a handy wall-framing template or guide. You’ll find you measure less with EZ SIPS. Each EZ SIPS panel has pre-routered channels for the precise placement of wall studs and top / bottom plates during framing construction. EZ SIPS are square and tolerant to 1/16th of an inch. And because the panels are made of sturdy EPS foam, the snug channels will hold studs while you nail on the top and bottom plates.

EZ SIPS is a simple, ULTRA LOW-COST solution for super-insulated, virtually airtight building envelopes. Now, there’s no reason to build wall frames and insulate separately: EZ SIPS allow you to accomplish both tasks in ONE EZ STEP! With EZ SIPS, high-cost Structural Insulated Panel homes are a thing of the past.

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