Finally…a SIP Building System That Doesn’t Break the Bank!

EZ SIPS is REVOLUTIONIZING the way we build and insulate. With double the rigidity required by code and R-25+ insulating value, EZ SIPS are changing the way homes are built. EZ SIPS kits are 4-foot wide, wall height panels of EPS at 6¾” thick.

EZ SIPS home kits come with vertical channels precisely routered on 16” centers for studs, and for top and bottom plates. Just ease them down into your framing before you stand your wall sections. Sheet over top, stand them, AND YOU’RE DONE! How EZ is that?

Factory-made structural insulated panel (SIP) systems, by contrast, are OSB-and-foam sandwiches made the exact size and shape of your wall, with cutouts for windows and doors. SIPS building systems now constitute 12% of house starts, and they have distinct advantages over traditional fiberglass batt insulation…the same ones as EZ SIPS!

The biggest differences between factory SIPs and EZ SIPS home kits are as follows:


PATENT-PENDING EZ SIPS walls cost $3.50 to $4.50 per square foot for the whole wall. SIPs will set you back $7.00 to $9.00 per square foot of wall. That’s DOUBLE THE PRICE of EZ SIPS!

Ease of use

Factory SIPs are trucked to the jobsite, then craned into place. If your foundation is level, they should be a snap to tie together. If it’s off level even slightly, the SIP wall sections won’t fit together well, requiring some messy custom work or cement grinding.

EZ SIPS, on the other hand, are light, weighing less than 20 lbs. each. Incorporate them into your framing while you build without changing the way you build! Just stick frame like you always have and insulate as you go. They work with regular lumber, meaning pre-cut studs. It’s framing and insulation in one step.

Just ease EZ SIPS down into your standard, stick-framed wall, sheet it and stand it. It’s that EZ! Because EZ SIPS kits have a 1¾” flange of foam between framing and sheathing, they provide a COMPLETE THERMAL BARRIER for your home!

EZ for trades

With factory SIPs, wiring and plumbing must be fished through chases. Holes need to be cut in the OSB to make room for outlets and switches. If you need to furr out the wall, it’s even more work!

EZ SIPS home kits are easier. When you’ve stood your walls, you’ll notice that the inner wall consists of studs, plates, and foam. Next to each stud on both sides there are channels pre-cut in the foam for electrical and plumbing. Simply pull out the channels by hand, install your services, and put the foam back in with a shot of canned spray foam as an adhesive. EZ!

Channels are just deep enough to bring junction boxes flush with studs on the interior wall. You can also pull out a channel to attach a brace—the foam goes right back in afterwards. How EZ is that?

The best SIP building systems

What are you really looking for in a SIP building system? Is it rigidity, ease of installation, or price? Consider that with EZ SIPS home SIP kits you frame and insulate in one step, and you’ll soon see that there are price advantages even on the labor side of things.

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