Superior Polystyrene Wall Insulation System Makes Building EZ!

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are an ULTRA-LOW COST, green way to stay warm or cool. They are 4-foot wide, wall-height rigid panels made of expanded polystyrene. The R-value of polystyrene climbs by up to 50% as the difference between inside and outside temperature increases. With heavy-duty EZ SIPS polystyrene wall insulation panels incorporated into the walls of your home, the building envelope is tight and energy costs drop.

Many builders approach framing and insulating as two separate tasks. They build the wall framework first, then measure and cut insulation to fit between the studs. EZ SIPS polystyrene wall insulation is a revolutionary new way to insulate. The 4-foot wide panels ease into walls as you build! EZ SIPS add structural integrity and insulate to R-25 in ONE STEP, making your construction job much easier…at an ULTRA-LOW COST!

EZ SIPS are heavy-duty expanded polystyrene wall insulation panels that can be used as an alternative to expensive factory-cut SIP panel systems. EZ SIPS offer MORE INSULATING POWER—up to 23% more—at HALF of the cost of prefab structural insulated panels (SIPs)!

Four-foot wide EZ SIPS panels come precut with recesses for 2×6 studs and top / bottom plates. They are precisely routered, so you can use them as a template for framing a wall! Simply bank them together and use regular lumber and sheathing to build rigid walls that form a SUPER-INSULATED, virtually airtight building envelope.

EZ SIPS polystyrene wall insulation panels are twice as cost-effective as factory SIPs and much more cost-effective than fiberglass insulation in the long run. Builders, framers…even plumbers and electricians will benefit from the incredible ease of use provided by this high quality, REVOLUTIONARY way to insulate and build IN ONE STEP!

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