EZ SIPS Insulated Panel Systems Make Wall Construction a Breeze

EZ SIPS isn’t just an insulated panel system—it’s changing the way homes are built. At HALF THE COST of traditional structural insulated panel (SIP) systems, EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels provide R-25+ insulation and structural rigidity in an enviro-friendly format that’s SUPER EZ to work with!

EZ SIPS are 4-foot wide EPS insulating wall panels that come in 8’, 9’, 10’ and custom heights. They are 6¾ thick, with channels routered precisely at 16” on centre for regular 2×6” studs, and more channels top and bottom for your plates. Just ease EZ SIPS down into your framing before you stand your wall. They fit like a glove!

EZ SIPS double as a wall-building jig
That’s right. Not only do EZ SIPS provide R-25+ insulation, they can also double as a wall-building jig. Just bank 4-foot wide EZ SIPS insulating wall panels together for the length of your wall section, and snug studs into grooves in the foam at 16” on center. Nail on top and bottom plates, sheet your walls with plywood or OSB, and stand them. It’s that EZ!

Where you have a window or a door, just snap a line on EZ SIPS insulating wall panels and cut with a hand saw, circular saw or hot knife. Make sure to order 1¾” EZ SHEETS to go over headers and other solid wood for a COMPLETE THERMAL BARRIER.

The insulated panel system that forms a COMPLETE THERMAL BARRIER
EZ SIPS insulating wall panels are 6¾” thick. 5” of that cradles studs and top and bottom plates, while the other 1¾” forms a COMPLETE THERMAL BARRIER between framing and sheathing from floor to the top of the top plate. No convection, no conduction—just R-25+ insulation, through and through.

EZ SIPS insulated panel systems are made from EPS, a non-toxic, recyclable, closed cell foam with excellent insulating properties. Thanks to its closed cell construction, EPS doesn’t permit convection within the wall cavity. Keep winter winds out and summer chill in…with EZ SIPS!

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