EZ SIPS: the Trusted Toronto Foam Insulation experts

Toronto’s climate is challenging: hot and humid in summer; cold and dry in winter. For new home construction, choosing the right kind of insulation is key! In Toronto, foam insulation is rapidly gaining ground. Whether it’s spray foam or expanded polystyrene (EPS), closed-cell foam has obvious advantages: it doesn’t allow air convection and it doesn’t absorb water. It’s super insulation for your home!

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are the ULTRA LOW-COST WAY TO BUILD GREEN. At $3.50 to $4.50 per square foot—for the entire wall, not just the insulation—EZ SIPS are HALF THE COST of factory SIPS and much less expensive that messy spray foam. Want to learn more about the differences between insulation types? Click here.

EZ SIPS are rigid, wall-height 4-foot wide panels made of EPS. They’re light, strong, non-toxic and green. At 6¾” wide, they provide the MASSIVE R-25+ THERMAL PROTECTION of foam insulation. Toronto is EZ SIPS’ home, so it’s no wonder that local builders are discovering EZ SIPS!

Each 4-foot wide PATENT PENDING panel is engineered with precisely routered channels that fit top / bottom plates and studs. Simply ease EZ SIPS down into your wall, sheet and nail on OSB or plywood, and stand it. It’s that simple!

One group that LOVES EZ SIPS is sub-trades. There’s no other foam insulation in Toronto that’s quite as EZ TO WORK WITH. The exposed inner wall comes with pre-cut foam channels on both sides of studs and horizontally at 14 and 48 inches. Simply pull out blocks of foam by hand and insert wiring, plumbing or bracing. Replace them with a dab of glue or a squirt of spray foam. It’s that EZ!

If you’re looking for the best solution in foam insulation in Toronto, EZ SIPS is the answer. At ½ THE COST of factory SIPS and just a bit more than fiberglass batt insulation, EZ SIPS is the logical choice for foam insulation in the Toronto area. To find out more or place an order, call us at 1-888-SIPS-488 today!

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