EPS insulation™ Wall Panels Integrate with Stick Frame Construction to Form a COMPLETE THERMAL BARRIER

EZ SIPS is a REVOLUTIONARY new PATENT PENDING way to frame and super-insulate in one EZ step! EPS wall panels are nothing new to concrete forming: ICF has been around for decades. But now we’ve applied the same technology to stick framing above grade walls.

Most EPS foamboard wall panels you’ll find fit between studs. EPS foamboard, or expanded polystyrene (EPS), is closed-cell insulation that doesn’t allow any convection within. Convection, or air movement, is the thing that wastes energy and drives down the R-value of fiberglass batts: as the difference between inside and outside temperature increases, fiberglass R-value decreases significantly. Not EZ SIPS! They provide a COMPLETE THERMAL BARRIER between framing and sheathing, with R-25 insulation that increases in R-value as the inside and outside temperature difference climbs.

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are 4-foot wide, wall-height EPS foamboard wall panels that have channels precisely routered to fit studs and top / bottom plates. They are a full 6¾” thick, with 1¾” of that thickness acting as a CONTINUOUS THERMAL BARRIER between framing and sheathing. Just bank EZ SIPS EPS foamboard wall panels up side-by-side for the length of your wall section and you have a BOMBPROOF BUILDING ENVELOPE OF EPS foamboard WALL PANELS—a complete thermal barrier that super-insulates your home!

EZ SIPS Expanded Polystyrene wall panels are ½ THE COST of pre-ordered, factory-built structural insulated panels (SIPS) and far more effective than fiberglass batts. EZ SIPS have an insulation value of R-25, which rises as the temperature differential increases. EZ SIPS are structurally solid, doubling the rigidity of your wall. They don’t out-gas and are recyclable, making EZ SIPS a sound choice in terms of structure, cost, and the environment.

SUB-TRADES LOVE EZ SIPS. That’s because the exposed inner wall contains pre-cut channels in the foam for plumbing and electrical. Just pull out foam channels by hand, insert wiring or pipes, and replace. It’s that EZ! Pre-cut service channels next to each stud and horizontally at 14” outlet height and 48” switch height make it EZ to install all the services you want. Recesses are the exact depth of a junction box…EZ!

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