A New Approach to EPS Insulation Sheets

Boost home energy efficiency with EZ SIPS—a REVOLUTIONARY new product that’s changing the way homes are built. If you’re looking to GREEN UP YOUR BUILD for an ULTRA-LOW COST, look no further. EZ SIPS R-25+ EPS insulation wall panels are rigid, 4-foot wide, wall-height expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels. Incorporate EZ SIPS into standard 2×6” wood framed walls to BUILD-AND-SUPER-INSULATE IN ONE STEP!

EPS insulations sheets double as framing jig

EPS insulation sheets have long been used to insulate homes. But now we’ve perfected it! Each EZ SIPS EPS insulation wall panel comes with recesses for studs at 16” on center and for top and bottom plates. Just slide in your lumber and nail’er—NO NEED TO MEASURE!

Bank as many 4-foot wide EZ SIPS EPS insulation wall panels together as you need for the length of your wall sections and slide your studs into the foam channels routered at 16” on center. Nail on your top and bottom plates, sheet your wall, stand it, and you’re done! It’s that EZ!


At 6¾” thick, wall height and 4 feet wide, EZ SIPS EPS insulation sheets provide a COMPLETE 1¾” THERMAL BARRIER between framing and sheathing, resulting in a BULLETPROOF BUILDING ENVELOPE. Achieving the highest insulation capability has never been easier!

EZ SIPS deliver R-25+ insulation. The ‘+’ in ‘R-25+’ works like this: as the difference between inside and outside temperatures increases, EZ SIPS’ INSULATION POWER RISES. That’s because EPS insulation wall panels are made of closed-cell insulation that doesn’t permit convection within the wall cavity. As the temperature differential increases, R-value goes up! Meanwhile, the R-value of fiberglass batts goes down for the very same reason: the movement of air within the loose fiberglass fill.


EZ SIPS are a no-brainer for trades. Electricians and plumbers alike LOVE them! When you stand an EZ SIPS wall, the open interior face of the wall consists of studs, plates, and EPS insulation. You’ll see cuts in the foam running the length of each stud on both sides, and horizontally at 14” outlet height and 48” switch height.

SIMPLY PULL OUT FOAM CHANNELS BY HAND and insert your wiring or plumbing. Then tuck the EPS insulation back in with a dab of glue, and you’re done! It’s never been easier! Foam channels are just deep enough so that junction boxes are flush with studs on the interior wall.

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