Transform Your Construction Job with EZ SIPS Do-it-yourself Foam Insulation Kit: the ULTRA LOW-COST green building system.

“Do-it-yourself” is a phrase that appeals to many builders today. The idea of having a Build-In-Place pre-insulated wall that is easy to assemble, quickly constructed, and straightforward enough for any carpenter to handle is definitely appealing. The problem with many do-it-yourself kits, however, is that they sacrifice quality, durability, or both.

Not EZ SIPS! Our do-it-yourself R-25+ foam insulation kit and framing form panel system is REVOLUTIONIZING the building industry—CHANGING THE WAY HOMES ARE BUILT. There’s nothing else like EZ SIPS…that’s why it’s a PATENT-PENDING system. EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are rigid, 4-foot wide, wall-height EPS panels with channels precisely routered for studs on 16” centers and top / bottom plates. Bank together as many EZ SIPS panels as you need for your wall, slide in your studs and nail home the plates…NO MEASURING REQUIRED!

High quality EPS closed-cell foam insulation is the first thing you’ll notice about EZ SIPS. EPS foam is durable and sturdy, but very lightweight. When incorporated into the walls of a home or a building, EPS offers INCREDIBLE R-25+ INSULATION POWER. The 6¾” thick foam panels in our EZ SIPS do-it-yourself foam insulation kit include a 1¾” THERMAL BREAK—a layer of insulation in between framing and sheathing—that further enhances EZ SIPS’ ability to insulate exterior walls.

One of the most appealing features of EZ SIPS do-it-yourself foam insulation kits is they work with STANDARD LUMBER. Buy the 2×6” lumber you always use, and incorporate EZ SIPS panels into your walls as you build. Thanks to the open interior wall of EZ SIPS, they are a no-brainer for trades, too. Pre-cut channels run alongside each stud and horizontally at 14 inches and 48 inches, enabling electricians and plumbers to snap off foam blocks by hand and install wiring and plumbing with ease.

Find out what EZ SIPS do-it-yourself foam insulation kits can do for you! To find out more, call us at 1-888-SIPS-488 today!

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