The Most Effective Do-it-yourself Foam Insulation On the Market

EZ SIPS is a REVOLUTIONARY new way to super-insulate. It’s never been easier! Just build your tilt-up stick framed wall with regular lumber, ease 4-foot wide EZ SIPS expanded polystyrene EPS panels down onto your wall, sheet it and stand it—it’s that EZ!

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels is a do-it-yourself foam insulation solution that’s ready to use. There’s NO messy spray, NO toxic out-gassing, and NO broken panels. At 6¾” thick, EZ SIPS panels provide R-25+ insulation and DOUBLE the rigidity and shear strength of standard stick-framed walls. They’re also HALF THE COST of traditional SIPs.

EZ SIPS beat batts

If you’ve been thinking about using fiberglass batts to insulate, think again. EZ SIPS are made of closed-cell EPS foam and create a COMPLETE THERMAL BARRIER between building cladding and framing. Unlike fiberglass, EPS also prevents convection within the wall. What that means is that the R-value of fiberglass, which allows convection, decreases as the temperature differential increase. Meanwhile EZ SIPS do-it-yourself foam insulation’s base R-25 insulating capacity actually INCREASES IN R-VALUE as it gets colder outside!

A complete thermal barrier

EZ SIPS creates a complete 1¾” THERMAL BARRIER of EPS foam between exterior sheathing and wall framing for a BOMBPROOF BUILDING ENVELOPE. If you’ve ever seen Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) in action, that’s the idea behind EZ SIPS: the exterior of your stood wall is one continuous sheet of EPS foam, protecting your framing and the interior from both conduction and convection! For the do-it-yourselfer, a foam insulation system from EZ SIPS is the ONLY way to go!

Trades love EZ SIPS

Whether you’re installing your own services or having sub-trades do it, EZ SIPS is a no-brainer. On the open inner wall, you’ll see pre-cut channels in the foam alongside each stud and horizontally at 14’ outlet height and 48” switch height. Simply reach in and pull out foam channels by hand, install your plumbing, wiring or bracing, and replace them with a squirt of foam or dab of glue. It’s NO-HASSLE DO-IT-YOURSELF FOAM INSULATION!

Creating high quality, insulated walls has never been this simple. Choose EZ SIPS: the best do-it-yourself foam insulation on the market! To find out more, call us at 1-888-SIPS-488 today!

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