Highly affordable, versatile DIY SIP Panels for the Professional Builder and the Do-It-Yourself

What’s better than SIP panels? DIY SIP panels that are ½ THE COST of factory SIPs. Think of it: all the benefits of SIPs…but $3.50 to $4.50 per square foot of wall instead of $7.00 to $9.00!

A NEW SIP Building System That’s Changing the Way Homes Are Built

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are changing the way homes are built. EZ SIPS kits consist of 4-foot wide panels made of R-25+ EPS. They are wall-height and 6¾” thick, engineered with channels routered in the foam to accommodate studs and top / bottom plates.

Simply ease EZ SIPS down onto your 2×6” stick-framed wall section made with standard lumber, sheet over top with OSB or plywood, and stand it. IT’S THAT EZ! Watch the video.

DIY SIP Panels Make Wiring & Plumbing A Snap!

If you’ve ever worked with SIP kits, you’ll know that there’s a fair amount of drilling and fishing through chases to wire walls. Plumbing’s even worse! EZ SIPS, on the other hand, make life EZ. Once you stand your wall section, you’ll see that the inner wall consists of studs and plates protruding ½” from the EPS insulation.

Notice the cuts in the foam along both sides of studs, and at 14” and 48” on the horizontal. Those are pre-cut channels for services! Simply PULL OUT FOAM CHANNELS BY HAND AND RUN YOUR WIRING. It’s that EZ ! Stick foam back in with a shot of canned spray foam as an adhesive, and your wiring’s complete. The channels in EZ SIPS DIY SIP Panels are deep enough so that junction boxes come flush with studs on the inner wall. Ready for drywall!

Build the Way You’ve Always Built…But Better!

Aside from their ULTRA-LOW COST, the best thing about EZ SIPS is how EZ they are to use: build the way you’ve always built, and insulate IN 1 STEP! EZ SIPS work with regular lumber—pre-cut 2×6” studs and top and bottom plates, 2×8” headers and the whole nine yards. The only thing you’ll change is how fast you insulate! Instead of filling vertical spaces with sub-optimal fiberglass batt insulation or expensive spray foam, incorporate EZ SIPS into your walls before you stand them!

The 1¾” flange of EPS insulation engineered into EZ SIPS DIY SIP panels provides a CONTINUOUS THERMAL BARRIER between sheathing and framing, resulting in a TIGHT, SUPER-INSULATED BUILDING ENVELOPE.

To find our how EZ DIY SIP panels can be, call 1-888-747-7488 today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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