EZ SIPS ultra-low-cost DIY Foam Insulation Kits Make Green Construction Simple and Affordable

Looking to green up your build for not much more than the cost of fiberglass batt insulation? The EZ SIPS do-it-yourself foam insulation kit is a REVOLUTIONARY new product that’s changing the way homes are built.

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels consist of 4-foot wide, wall-height panels of EPS insulation. They are 6¾” thick, providing INCREDIBLE R-25+ thermal protection! Just incorporate EZ SIPS into your standard stick-framed exterior walls while you build. It’s that EZ!

A jig for EZ wall building

EZ SIPS 4-foot wide, wall height foam insulation kit panels have channels for studs precisely routered at 16” on center, and along the top and the bottom for your plates. Just ease EZ SIPS down onto your stick-framed wall before you stand it. Sheet your wall, tilt it up AND YOU’RE DONE! EZ SIPS: the easiest DIY Foam Insulation Kit on the market.

EZ SIPS make building EZ. You can ease them down into your framing, or use them as a wall-building jig. Just put EZ SIPS panels side by side for the length of your wall section, then slide STANDARD, PRE-CUT STUDS into the channels in the foam. Every channel is at 16” on center and perfectly square, so there’s no need to measure. Cut your top and bottom plates to length and nail’em on! Next, flip the wall over and nail on your sheathing. Finally, stand your wall. There! You’ve just turned your do-it-yourself foam insulation kit into a complete wall section!

Dare to compare

There are several choices when it comes to foam insulation kits. The do-it-yourselfer has to make a choice based on:

  • Ease of use
  • Insulating power
  • Price
  • Toxicity
  • Susceptibility to mold & mildew

You’ll be glad to know that EZ SIPS do-it-yourself foam insulation kits win on every point!

Ease of use: As you’ve read above, EZ SIPS are SUPER EZ to use. They’re light, solid, and come with channels for studs and plates.

Insulating power: R-25+. As the temperature difference between outside and inside increases, EZ SIPS’ R-value goes up. So EZ SIPS’ rating of R-25 at 75F (24C) climbs right up to R-33 at 9F (-13C)! Fiberglass batts, by contrast, lose R-value as the temperature differential increases.

Price: EZ SIPS come at an ULTRA-LOW COST. Getting your walls spray foamed to R-25 costs $5.00 to $8.00 per square foot. EZ SIPS cost $3.50 to $4.50 per square foot…FOR THE ENTIRE WALL! That’s panels, studs and plates, and OSB. The difference between EZ SIPS and factory SIP panels is even more pronounced: EZ SIPS are HALF THE COST of SIPs! Compare all insulation methods.

Toxicity: There are 2 kinds of DIY foam insulation kits: foam board, and spray foam. Foam board is often made of EPS foamboard or expanded polystyrene (EPS). That’s what EZ SIPS is made from. EPS is non-toxic, recyclable and doesn’t out-gas.

Susceptibility to mold & mildew: Since it’s closed-cell insulation, EPS doesn’t soak up water and is highly resistant to mold and mildew, since there’s no wet environment and nothing to sustain fungi.

Need more reasons to make EZ SIPS your go-to DIY foam insulation kit? Watch our video or give us a call at 1-888-747-7488 today!

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