EZ SIPS Panels Frame and Super-Insulate in 1 Step: The Best Closed Cell Foam Insulation Kits Available!

EZ SIPS closed cell foam insulation kits are a REVOLUTIONARY new way that to create a virtually airtight SUPER-INSULATED building envelope. EZ SIPS offer 23% more insulating power than SIPs…at a fraction of the cost!

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are 4-foot wide, wall-height panels that build high efficiency R-25+ closed cell EPS insulation panels right into your walls, right on the jobsite! There’s no need to change the way you build. Use standard lumber and traditional tilt-up framing methods to achieve superior insulation – in just minutes!

EZ SIPS are made of the same high quality closed cell EPS foam insulation that’s sweeping the construction market. It’s the way EZ SIPS MAKE BUILDING EZ that’s different. Unlike other closed cell foam insulation kits, EZ SIPS aren’t flimsy panels that slide between studs, leaving gaps for air circulation. EZ SIPS are 4-foot wide panels with precision-routered channels for studs on 16-inch centers, and for top and bottom plates.

Framing and insulating a wall was never easier! The sturdy EPS foam hugs the studs while you nail them to the plates. Insulating with EZ SIPS doesn’t take more time…it takes less!

Closed cell foam insulation kits and related products are becoming more and more popular, offering impressive insulating capabilities. EZ SIPS put closed cell EPS in its most usable form: a jig for wall building. The 4-foot wide panels hold studs at exactly 16” on center, enabling you to slide them in, then nail on top and bottom plates perfectly square.

Find out what EZ SIPS closed cell polystyrene wall insulation can do for you. Give us a call at 1-888-SIPS-488 today!

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