For a limited time, get 4’x8’ EZ SIPS panels for just $89.99 each!
4’x9’ EZ SIPS panels at just $99.99 each! Minimum order required.

EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels

A breakthrough ultra low-cost GREEN way to frame and SUPER-INSULATE in one step!

Looking to green up your build without spending a bundle?

EZ SIPS is a REVOLUTIONARY, highly AFFORDABLE new way to super-insulate your walls to R-25+ while you frame!

At less than ½ THE COST OF FACTORY SIP systems, EZ SIPS Build-In-Place Structural Insulated Panels are changing the way homes are built.

The concept is simple: EZ SIPS are 4-foot wide EPS insulation panels that fit into 2×6” wall sections like a glove. It’s a new PATENT PENDING green building technology that enables framers to add high performance EPS insulation into their walls in just minutes!

Simple and EZ to use, EZ SIPS isan exciting new development that puts the power of rigid EPS insulation into framers’ hands for not much more than the cost of fiberglass batts!

EZ SIPS are 4-foot wide, wall-height blocks of 6¾” thick EPS. They’re precisely routered with recesses for 2×6” studs and top/bottom plates, filling the spaces inside your walls with solid rigid closed cell insulation. Simply SLIDE EZ SIPS DOWN into your framing before you mount external plywood / OSB sheathing. It’s that EZ!

Now builders, framers and carpenters can build a VIRTUALLY AIRTIGHT, SUPER-INSULATED building envelope complete with a CONTINUOUS THERMAL BREAK with EZ SIPS eco-friendly foam-filled wall panels right on the jobsite!

It’s a total GAME-CHANGER. GREEN-UP your build in just minutes! NO MORE expensive pre-ordering factory pre-cut SIP panel systems, NO MORE messy spray foam!

EZ SIPS FEATURE A CONTINUOUS 1¾” thick outside flange of EPS, creating a THERMAL BREAK between framing and sheathing, MASSIVELY BOOSTING insulation efficiency to AT LEAST R-25. Remember EPS has TWICE the thermal efficiency of fiberglass!

EZ SIPS work with regular lumber, pre-cut length studs and tilt-up framing. For trades you just pull out the pre-cut vertical and horizontal foam channels from the exposed inner wall and insert your electrical and plumbing: EZ!

Imagine: ½ THE COST, no crane required, insulate as you build…and installing wiring and plumbing is a snap! How EZ is that?

We’re slashing the cost of building GREEN. With just 1 extra step added to the tilt-up framing method, EZ SIPS creates custom Build-In-Place SUPER-INSULATED wall sections right on the jobsite in just minutes! Simply bank 4-foot wide EZ SIPS panels side-by-side for the length of your wall mount your plywood or OSB sheathing and stand it up. It’s that EZ!

Consider the benefits:

  • FAST & EZ one-step installation into stick frame construction
  • HALF THE COST of pre-fab Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
  • TWICE AS EFFECTIVE as fiberglass: R-25 value increases with temperature differential
  • SAFE & FOOLPROOF tested to 2X standard wall strength; highly resistant to mold & mildew
  • EXPOSED, REMOVABLE CHANNELS for electrical, plumbing & bracing


EZ SIPS panels are EZ to cut for infill framing details such as upper and lower sills. Build out solid wood areas like headers and king studs with 1¾” thick foam EZ SHEETS to complete the CONTINUOUS THERMAL BARRIER.

Congratulations! You’ve just converted standard framing to super pre-insulated SIP panels as you built!

Find out more! Or call us at 1 888-SIPS-488 (1 888-747-7488) to take advantage of our introductory special today!

1Easier Construction

icon-homeEZ SIPS provides builders with a build-in-place structural insulated panels for easier construction.

No more unloading and lifting heavy SIP panels… Create Custom SIP Panels Right on the Jobsite in Minutes!

Carpenters and Framers… Read more…

2Better Insulation

icon-globeFor an airtight Building Envelope, EZ SIPS offers the same incredible high-efficiency EPS insulation that you’ll find in leading high-tech Green building systems like SIP Panels and ICF Insulated Concrete Forms, but at a fraction of the cost. EPS is known to have double the thermal efficiency of Fiberglass™ for the same… Read more…

3Better Strength

icon-homeEZ Structural Insulated Panel’s solid, rigid EPS foam between the studs adds tremendous racking and shear strength to your wall. EZ SIPS brace your framing better than inter-stud blocking, completely filling the spaces between the studs with solid, rigid foam insulation. When you… Read more…

4Greener Construction

icon-globeProtect the environment by building superior EPS insulation right into your walls. EZ SIPS is a “greener” way to build. The impressive insulating power saves on energy consumption, so whether you’re building a home, business, or other structure, the costs for heating and cooling will be substantially lower… Read more…

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