EZ SIPS ’s Do-It-Yourself EPS Insulation System Combines the Best of SIP Panels and Traditional Framing.

EZ SIPS is a patent-pending EPS insulation foam framing system that is changing the way contractors , builders and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) create exterior walls. EZ SIPS is an incredibly powerful insulator, thick 4’ wide wall-height panels of solid rigid EPS insulation routed out to be added to framing before sheathing, or used asa convenient leave-in-place template or guide or die for setting & aligning wall studs. Build-in-place super pre-insulated wall sections – Structural Insulated Panels – right on your jobsite in just minutes. Listed below are some of the amazing features of this revolutionary new product.

Insulation Features

First, EZ SIPS are a DIY insulation foam panelfeaturing the powerful insulation of EPS, or expanded polystyrene. This is the same EPS that you’ll find in the leading Green building systems on the market. WithEZ SIPS, however, the EPS foam sheets are actually 23% thicker than equivalent SIP panels, which means the product offers even more insulation than competing products, at about ½ the cost.

Framework Features

EZ SIPS is more than just an insulating material. EZ SIPS builds 2×6 framing into 2×8 profile walls with increased R-Value. The four foot wide, wall-height (8’ / 9’ / 10’) pieces of solid rigid EPS insulation are pre-cut with 1.5 inch slots to accommodate pre-cut length 8 foot (94.625”) & 9 foot (104.625”) wall studs, adding tremendous racking and shear strength. Simply bank 4’ wide EZ SIPS panels together to create custom length ready to stand super pre-insulated wall sections. EZ SIPS insulation foam sheets also feature vertical and horizontal slots that can be conveniently removed for bracing and the running of electrical / plumbing work.

When you use EZ SIPS as Insulated Framing Panels there’s no need to measure and mark stud placement or to build your frame before applying the insulation. The insulation panels are so rigid and sturdy that they are able to act as a “template” in the framing process, precisely spacing and holding the studs in place, making your framing job much quicker & easier.

Surprising Affordability

Finally, building a airtight Green Building Envelope with EZ SIPS is far more affordable, about 50% less than the leading SIP Panel kits, and about the same as insulating with Fiberglass™ when labour savings are factored because EZ SIPS frame and insulate your walls at the same time!. With 23% greater insulating thickness than standard SIP panels, you might expect EZ SIPS to come at a higher price. In fact, EZ SIPS are like do it yourself foam insulation kits for environmentally-friendly build-in-place walls but will run about half the cost of building with the leading SIP kits. EZ SIPS panels and can be purchased for not much more than high quality Fiberglass™ insulation but EZ SIPS will Frame and Super-Insulate Your Walls in 1 Step!

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