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EZ SIPS – Word on the Street

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Hi, welcome to the EZ SIPS blog at I just sold an EZ SIPS order to a builder in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and he’s excited to see the results. Last week it was a development in Sioux City, Iowa. The nice thing is that we have a network of EPS manufacturers across North America, so the panels are manufactured close to the build site.

We’re finding that it’s mostly stick-frame builders who are interested in EZ SIPS. They like the idea of building foam insulation right into the wall as they build. So do I. Let me tell you a bit about the history of EZ SIPS.

Back in the 1990s, I worked with a company that manufactured and sold EPS™ panels that fit in between studs. Walking down the wall, you would see ‘panel, stud, panel, stud, panel…’. Kind of like fiberglass bats, but closed-cell EPS foam instead. It was a good product, but since EPS is rigid, there was the possibility of space between studs and panels…and where there’s space, there’s airflow.

It wasn’t until much later that I thought back to that product and started daydreaming. ‘What if you made the panels biggerand thicker, with a thermal break flange to connect the pieces, and cut out space for the studs?’ The idea for EZ SIPS was born. Next up: EZ SIPS for roof insulation!